The secret of life lies in proper cell nourishment, and the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. Did you know that drinking water, even when purified, retains information of its contaminants?

Why i9?

Why i9 Informed water bottle

The i9 informed water bottle utilizes the technology of informing (Poznik TP) to restructure water and reinstate its natural properties. It does so by breaking water molecule clusters into smaller units, adding energy potential (producing structured water) and cleansing information retained by contaminants. i9 informed water bottle enables water to change genotoxicity, ensures quality absorption of nutrients through cell membranes, and expedites organism regeneration.

Health benefits

i9 Informed water bottle Health Benefits

Drinking from i9 informed water bottle positively influences our general wellbeing by helping increase vitality and our ability to combat stress, disease and other harmful factors.
Based on numerous tests, drinking water from i9 informed bottle shows a substantial increase in human bio-field, decrease in stress factor and considerably reduced water genotoxicity. Photon emissions in the i9 bottle are higher than in a regular bottle, which signals higher energy levels. Combining the various positive effects leads to numerous health benefits.

i9 Advantages

i9 Advantages

The Technology of informing (Poznik TP) inhibits harmul influences from environment, such as exposure to magnetism, electrical current, mobile radiation, various negative vibrations, and similar. A series of tests have demonstrated that specific codes of information neutralize negative influences by continously interacting with the content of the bottle. This is true even of items beings scanned by the red laser devices at shop check-out counters, which negatively impact energy values of food and beverage.

Sience bihind i9

Sience behind i9

Technology of informing (Poznik TP) belongs to a scientific field that has been labeled as “third millennium technology.” It operates within the area of physical medicine and information technology and is derived from quantum physics.
Founded upon 30 years of research, Poznik TP was developed by a group of top inventors who have been awarded over 90 international prizes for their outstanding achievements.
TP principles are supported by the work and research of world renowned pioneers in the field of science, such as Dr. Korotkov, Dr. Voikov, Dr. Pop and Masaru Emoto, as well as their predecessors dr. Samuel Hahnemann, dr. Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger and others.

What is TP?

What is Poznik Technology

TP or Technology Poznik is a combination of several scientific processes, capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter by means of information or code.
Through precise application we can select, amplify and imprint specific energy information (vibrations) into objects of choice. Information is imprinted in numbers, where each number contain hundreds of sets of information. The final result is a combination of several thousands of carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations), such as pranas, mantras, light, numbers, colours etc., all supporting one another and working in complete harmony.

Tests and Certifications.

i9 - Informed water bottle - Berlin i9 CertificateGDV TEST: The Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics awarded i9 informed water bottle the Certificte of Excellence. Scientists compared the energy state of water in a regular bottle versus an i9 bottle by employing a GDV camera. The analysis demonstrated that the photon emission in the i9 informed water bottle were 6-7 percent higher than in its counterpart, which suggests i9 water has a higher energy content. A detailed research examined how drinking regular water versus informed water affects the human bio-field. The final data analisys demonstrated i9 water yields better results by up to 100 percent.

i9 Tests & Certificates

ALLIUM TEST: The Allium or so-called “onion test” is considered to be the standard in environmental monitoring and used as the bio-indicator for evaluating environmental pollution. It is deemed as a very efficient scientific procedure for water quality research. The onion test is not only unambiguous as far as the water quality goes, but it also clearly exhibits the effects of pollution, which cannot be assured thorugh chemical tests. The water genotoxicity in the i9 informed water bottle was proven to be considerably reduced.

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