Frequently asked questions

What is informed water?

It is water encoded with several thousands of carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations), such as pranas, mantras, music, thoughts, prayers, light, numbers, colours etc., all supporting one another and working in complete harmony.

How can informed water be better than regular water?

Modern water treatment, distribution systems and pollution cause water to become de-structured (dead), thus losing its natural vitality, self-cleansing and antibacterial properties. De-structured water molecules accumulate in larger clusters, making it difficult to be absorbed by living organisms. This in turn forces the body to use its own energy reserves in order to re-structure these enlarged molecule clusters into a form suitable for absorption and all bodily functions. The process of informing helps to return the water’s structure back to its natural (living) state.

How does informed water influence the body?

Through stress, poor nutrition and pollution (amongst many factors) the water in our bodies becomes de-structured (loses its vitality and self-cleansing and antibacterial properties). This means the body’s immune system must repair such damage by using its own energy reserves. This often leaves us tired and prone to illness. The process of informing helps to return the water’s structure back to its natural (living) state. Drinking informed water helps our bodies renew their energy reserves, thus making us feel revitalised and more energetic.

What kind of water can I put in the bottle?

Simply add normal drinking water from the tap or bottled water.

Can I put other liquids in the bottle and what effect will it have on them?

Yes, other liquids can also be put in the bottle. Adding other liquids simply means the water content in any such liquids will become informed. The taste of beverages with a high alcohol content and/or other popular drinks, such as fizzy beverages, coffee, tea etc., may change.

How long should the water be in the bottle to become informed?

The process of informing takes place instantly, while extensive testing shows minor beneficial increases continuing for some 3 hours.

How long will the i9 informed bottle influence the quality of water it contains?

The i9 informed water bottle comes with a lifetime guarantee, providing the bottle and the informed tag are kept free from damage.

Will an informed bottle improve my physical and mental performance?

Informed (structured) water helps the body regain its natural balance with nature, thus helping to improve physical and mental abilities.

How long can I keep water in the i9 bottle before it becomes undrinkable?

No standing water is good for long, hence we recommend regular refills. Rinse the bottle with running water whenever refilling.

If I leave the cap on the i9 bottle open, will that influence the quality of the drinking water?

No. The cap can be left open or closed. Keeping the cap closed may help protect the water content from external pollution.

Sometimes when pouring water in to an i9 bottle I see bubbles appearing at the side of the glass. Why is this?

This is a natural occurrence when oxygen is present in the water. Pouring water in to an i9 informed water bottle may increase the oxygen content, thus increasing the presence of bubbles. Like any bubbles, the air rises to the top of the water and goes into the air. Keeping the bottle cap open may clear the bubbles faster.

Sometimes when pouring water from the tap I notice that the water is cloudy. Why is this?

The cloudiness is often caused by water in the pipes being under a bit more pressure than the water in the glass, but is more likely due to tiny air bubbles in the water. This occurrence is perfectly normal and any cloudiness should clear up after a few seconds.

What happens to the water if I pour it into a normal glass or bottle?

Once water is informed it will keep its natural molecular structure. Extensive testing demonstrates water kept in an i9 bottle continues to experience minor beneficial increases for some 3 hours. Putting water in a plastic or aluminium bottle may cause it to lose its natural molecular structure faster.

What happens if the bottle is exposed to magnetism, electrical currents, mobile phone radiation and the like?

According to our tests, these disturbances have no effect on the coding, which neutralizes all negative influences by constantly interacting with the contents of the bottle. Even being scanned by a red laser at the check-out counter of a store does not damage the quality of the water. The encoding neutralizes the negative impact of the laser, which would inhibit the energetic value of water and food in regular containers.

Is there any other material that would be more energy-potent than the informed tag, affecting its function?

To date we have not found a source more energy-potent that would have a negative effect on the coding of the informed tag.

Can a bottle be stored in a dark place?

Based on our experiments, the water retains its enhanced qualities even when stored in darkness, for example, in a refrigerator.

Will it remove heavy metals? Does changing the structure of the water affect the "disintegration" of molecules in heavy metals?

With metals dissolved in water there are no molecules, but rather ions, largely positively-charged cations, which are stable, so we cannot talk about their disintegration. Heavy metals, therefore, are not removed.


What is Poznik TP (Technology Poznik)?

Poznik TP (Technology Poznik) is a combination of several scientific processes, capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter (water, glass, plastic, metal etc.) by means of information or code.

What is an informed tag?

An informed tag is a self-adhesive tag (sticker), capable of carrying thousands of sets of carefully encoded information.

Is there any scientific proof that i9 informed products really work?

i9 products and information encoding principles have been subjected to numerous tests by recognised international scientists who employed credible testing methods demonstrating the concept really works. Furthermore, the technology behind i9® informed products is backed by 30 years of extensive research & innovation and has been globally awarded. For more information turn to section i9 Informed technology (TP).

What information is stored on the informed tag?

The informed tag is produced at the Poznik laboratory, and is informed in compliance with Technology Poznik. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of information are transferred in the informing process. The information, a sum of universal and some purpose-built pieces of information, cleanses water of the negative influences from the surroundings, while also removing negative effects from all the remaining pharmaceutical compounds in the water.

Were the influences of informed water on health ever analyzed?

A comparative analysis of the energy state of water in a regular bottle and an i9 bottle was carried out by the Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics, which also issued a certificate for the i9 bottle. Photon emission in the i9 bottle was 6-7% higher than in a regular bottle, which means higher energy in the i9 water. A detailed analysis was conducted on how drinking regular vs. informed water affects the human bio-field. The results demonstrate nearly 100% better results when drinking i9 water.


Where can I buy i9 products?

i9 products can be bought directly from i9bottle shop

What guarantee do I get when buying i9 informed products?

i9 offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on informed tags.

How do I know that I'm buying an original i9 product?

Please only purchase from the i9 official website or authorised distributors, details of which are listed on our website.

Instructions for use

How to use the i9 bottle?

Simply fill the i9 bottle with tap water or bottled water. Wait for 3 minutes and enjoy naturally re-structured water.

How to clean a i9 bottle?

For best results please clean the inside of the i9 bottle with diluted white (alcohol) vinegar, which can be purchased at any general food store. Pour approx. 50 ml of diluted vinegar into the bottle and leave standing for 10 minutes, then rinse well with clean water.

Clean the outer surface of the i9 bottle using only clean water, ensuring never to put pressure directly on the tag. Do not clean using liquids containing alcohol or other abrasive solvents, which could damage or detach the tag from the bottle.

Food and protein shakes
Whenever using the i9 bottle for mixing protein shakes, smoothies or other similar drinks, which tend to leave more stubborn stains on the glass, we recommend cleaning your bottle with a special brush, which can be purchased at our on-line store. WARNING! DO NOT use metal brushes to clean the i9 bottle, as this may damage the surface of the bottle and void your guarantee.

After cleaning your i9 bottle with the brush, the brush itself must also be carefully cleaned, especially as particles of food can get stuck between the bristles, thus causing bacterial growth over time.

Do not wash the i9 bottle in a dishwasher, as this may damage the informed tag and the

information contained on it.

How to clean a bottle brush?

Steps to clean the brush:
Soak the brush in hot water diluted with dishwasher liquid or use diluted white (alcohol) vinegar as a natural cleanser and disinfectant. Soak for at least 30 minutes.

Scrape food particles from between the bristles and rinse periodically under running warm water to remove all particles between the bristles.

Rinse in hot water.


Can the informed tag on the bottle get damaged?

Yes. The informed tag can get damaged if exposed to extensive knocks, pressure or rubbing.

Will damage to the bottle or informed tag void my guarantee?

Yes. Breaking or seriously damaging the bottle will void the product guarantee. Removing, staining or damaging the informed tag or the number codes contained on the tag, will void the product guarantee. Damaged tags may no longer retain water-restructuring properties.